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WordPress shortcodes plugin – Shortcodes master

It really is like cooking food: You add only ingredients you like, nothing more.
With Shortcodes Master – Premium WordPress shortcodes plugin, keep your WordPress website lite, fast and clean, without giving up on any of your favourite design elements.

Shortcodes Master Main Features

LEGO-like addons system

The main advantage of Shortcodes Master is that you don't need to install more shortcodes than you actually need to use!

This revolutionary logo-like structure of our WordPress shortcodes plugin, allows you to make use of as many shortcodes as you like, without slowing down your website with un needed scripts, which normally only make your site slower.

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Shortcodes generator

Working with our WordPress Shortcodes plugin is extremely easy, and will suit both newbies and advanced users. You won’t need to remember any complicated pieces of WordPress shortcodes by heart.

All you need to do, is choose values in a convenient and user friendly WordPress shortcodes generator.

Plugin compatibility

ShortcodesMaster is compatible with all properly coded products in the WordPress industry.

  • WooCommerce
  • Biggest themes' clubs
  • WordPress page builders
We recommend using free Siteorigin pagebuilder.

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Users' feedback means a lot to us!

As always, we encourage our plugin users to suggest new features, so please do let us know your ideas and what kind of new elements would you like to see added.

The possibilities of this WordPress shortcodes plugin are endless!

Main advantages

The main advantage of Shortcodes Master add-ons is in its flexibility. You can insert the elements directly into the articles or pages via the elements generator with live preview or insert it directly to your php templates with function echo do_shortcode('[your_shortcode]').

No matter what way of inserting of shortcode you choose, always use the Shortcodes Master generator. No more copy/paste!.

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Comes with every product

Customer Support

If you don't find an answer for your problem in our wiki, feel free to contact us via our forum or ticket system.


We implement latest webdesign trends and technologies into our WordPress themes and plugins.

Regular updates

We update our products on regular basis and implement new features on our clients' requests.

Native functions

We do our best to use native WordPress functions to ensure our themes will work in the future.


We don't only have extensive documentation wiki, we also update it if you clients stumble upon a new issue.


Since we use native WordPress functions, our products are compatible with other properly coded WP products.

What else will you get in our club?

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Shortcodes Master add-ons

We proud ourselves in creating the biggest and most comprehensive responsive shortcodes set of plugins in the industry. Our Shortcodes Master is a web elements WordPress plugin that requires NO knowledge of programming.

All our shortcodes are 100% responsive, fast loading, and easy-to-use thanks to a fool-proof shortcodes generator.

Responsive HTML5 WordPress Themes

We work very hard to make sure our themes do not only adhear to current web design and coding standards, but will also last into the future. This is why we build all our themes on a solid html5 responsive framework.

It's fully compatible with all modern devices (including iphones, ipads, tablets, and monitors of any size) and tested on all modern browsers.

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Themes' Options Panel

Either if you are an advanced wordpress developer or a beginner, you are going to love our admin panel! Based on generic wordpress functions, it will not generate extra useless php quiries, keeping your server's CPU at minimum.

It's not only featherlight, it also allows live preview of all changes, saving you a great deal of time, as if you were working in a Visual Editor.

Updates, documentation and friendly support

We have a dedicated team of coders who will assist you around the clock. With our extensive documentation and video tutorials you will never be lost setting uo your theme.

Throughout the years, we always made extra effort to keep our themes and plugins up to date. Don't hesitate and contact us with all your questions or suggestions.

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