All-In-One Slideshow plugin implements jCycle, Easing and Cufon scripts into the highly customizable slideshow gallery. You can combine 27 transition and 8 easing effects! The plugin comes with a package of 8 cufon fonts.
This plugin is based on Nathan Rice’s WP_Cycle plugin.

All-In-One Slideshow WordPress Plugin

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Since version 1.3.0

I added 3 new options into the “general” section of the plugin options:

  • Show slideshow on these single posts
  • Show slideshow on these pages
  • Show on archive pages
  • If you need to load slideshow scripts on all pages, leave the input field empty.
    If you do NOT want to load slideshow scripts on any page at all, type in an unused page ID like 999999 or so. The same you can do with single posts.
  • If you need to load slideshow scripts only on pages with IDs 10,20 and 35, you just have to type these values separated by comma into the input field of “Show slideshow on these pages”. So you should type in the values like:
  • The same you have to do if you want to load slideshow scripts only on certain single posts. Of course this time you have to type the values into the “Show slideshow on these single posts” input field.
  • If you need to load slideshow scripts on the archive pages keep the option “Show on archive pages” checked.
  • One more “Save settings” button was added below the options.


  • Upload images via plugin’s options panel
  • Option to set loading of the slideshow scripts/styles only when you need them (since 1.3.0)
  • Add title to each image
  • Add destination URL to each image
  • Choose from 27 transition effects
  • Choose from 8 easing effects
  • Set delay and length of the effect
  • Set image dimensions
  • Set CSS ID of the slideshow
  • Choose Cufon font
  • Easily add your own Cufon fonts
  • Display arrow navigation
  • Display numbered navigation
  • Set position of the text
  • Set color, gradient, shadow and background of the text.
  • Implement your own CSS via admin panel
  • XHTML valid


  • Load scripts only on chosen pages/posts since 1.3.0
  • Transparency fix for IE
  • One more save button below settings since 1.3.0
  • Random images loading option


Please, do not forget to save settings each time you change them!


  • Download the plugin from WordPress repository.
  • Unzip and upload it to wp-contentplugins. Or you can go to the admin panel:
    • Plugins –> Add New
    • Type “all-in-one slideshow” into the search field.
    • Install.
    • Go to the admin panel Settings->All-In-One Slideshow.
    • That’s it. Now you can start playing with your new slideshow.

Widget and Code

There are 3 ways how to implement the slideshow on your page. You can use only one per page.
1. Widget

  • Go to admin panel->appearance->widgets
  • Drag All-In-One Slideshow widget to a widgetized area.

2. Shortcode
This is how the shortcode looks (without spaces!):


Simply add it to your post.
3. PHP function
This is how the function looks:

<?php aio_slideshow(); ?>


  • The image should be not smaller than the dimension you set in the admin panel. (The default dimensions of the image is 400×200 pixels.)
  • Upload and delete your images via plugin’s option panel.
  • In the same place you can set destination URL and title of the image
  • If you have a problem with uploading of the images, please read carefully this post.

Adding new Cufon fonts

By default you can choose from 8 Cufonized fonts. If you want to add new fonts, please follow these steps:

  • First you have to generate JavaScript file of your .otf, .ttf etc. font file. To generate this you have to go the Cufon generator.
  • Upload the font into the /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-slideshow/cufon/fonts folder.
  • The file and fontFamily parameter will be automatically detected.
  • Now you can choose your font in the option general->font.

If you have any comments, suggestions or found a bug, please let me know. I’ll be more than happy if you share your All-In-One slideshow with us!
P.S. Don’t be afraid to experiment. In worst case you can use “Reset Settings” button at the left bottom corner.

Plugin versions

1.0.0 2010/11/29 Initial release
1.1.0 2010/11/29 minor fix
1.2.0 2010/12/01 conflict with custom menus solved.
1.2.1 2010/12/02 identifier #nav changed to #aio-nav, added upload tutorial, fixed ‘settings link’. I apologize for the 3rd update in 3 days but I just want all users to be satisfied with the plugin. thank you!
1.3.0 2011/02/02 one more save button, option to load scripts/styles only when you need them
1.3.1 bug fix for 1.3.0
1.3.2 cufon-yui 1.09i, minor changes, tested on WordPress 3.3
1.3.3 minor changes